NHS Crisis

[…] The Liberal Democrats are demanding urgent action to deal with growing problems for many people getting appointments with their doctors. Kirklees is one of the worst hit areas in England …


Layla Moran speaks out on the Middle East

[…] This is very personal for Layla as her mother comes from the Old City in Jerusalem. As well as reading out the names of some of the innocent children who have lost their lives in Gaza she …


Lib Dem Councillor says too many new houses planned!

[…] Lib Dem Councillor Alison Munro says the new houses plan is flawed. The plan is based a projected population growth of almost 50,000 over 10 years from 2014 forming over 27,000 more …


The Bus - An expensive niche travel product!

[…] Carless local families cannot afford the bus fares to shop in Dewsbury town centre. A family of four, living just a couple of miles out of town, would have to fork out over ten quid for a …


Lib Dem Leader Ed Davey launches May Campaign

Lib Dem local Campaign Launch Video


Tories Drop Food Standards

[…] The Government, supported by our local MP Mark Eastwood, has voted against an amendment to the Agriculture Bill that would have guaranteed high standards for food and drink entering the …

FOODGATE the scandal of the 1970’s - Diabetes

This was not a problem in the 1970’s, when people had three meals a day and did not snack between meals. Most meals were real food not processed food. Just watch an episode of Top of the Pops …

Why China and Germany have stronger economies than us!

The Lib Dems in the coalition government created the Green Bank. It helped kick start our green economy before the Conservatives sold it off. Both Germany and China have strong regional banks, that …

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